Low-code platform to measure perceived quality of life.


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Low-code workflow builder


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Milestones & Accolades


Enhanced UX

Delivered a low-code survey builder with enhanced UX


Increased Adoption

Over 90% of users provided positive feedback on overall product experience.


Bedrekommune measures perceived quality of life through online surveys. This information is utilised by public sector entities across Norway. Daycare centres, hospitals, government services take advantage of this platform to measure and improve service quality. The information is used by municipalities to uplift the quality of life of their people. 


The team at Bedrekommune wanted a product that was efficient and functional, while being easy and intuitive to use, with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction.

The platform consisted of a poor user experience which resulted in poor adoption and lower response rates. This hampered the decision making process, therefore, expected objectives were not met. The product lacked flexibility which made expansion and maintenance tedious tasks.

The key challenges were to understand domain complexity, UX flaws, and technical barriers to implement a practical approach that overcomes them.

Our Approach


With an intention of understanding UX flaws we developed a method of learning how the users interact with the current platform and identified the pain points and struggles they faced. In terms of the existing user interface we performed a heuristic evaluation to measure usability. 


Based on our learnings we defined user flows while maintaining familiarity of the existing product. User flows were then converted to wire frames and refined based on user feedback. Screens were created using a design system and conducted usability testing on interactive prototypes. 

Continuous Delivery

By working remotely with the Bedrekkomune team, we designed and delivered each module following an agile/scrum method. Usability testing was conducted on each module to ensure ease of use. New capabilities were introduced for continuous product improvement.

Tools & Technologies

The impact

The fresh look and user-friendly interfaces made the survey experience a breeze for the public sector application that resulted in widespread adoption.

Simplified Surveys

The new and improved application simplified surveys.

Positive User Feedback

Positive user feedback helped widespread adoption.

Informed Decision Making

Analytics and data comparison enabled data-driven decision making.

Rapid Growth

Unparalelled growth in terms of response rate in a matter of months.

I really enjoy working with Amplifyn. The UX-designers are professional, listen to our needs and have excellent skills. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a wow-factor in their service design.

Klara Vatten

Product Manager - Bedrekommune

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