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The right people with the right skills

Amplifyn is a group of, highly skilled and passionate, designers and engineers.
We create amazing digital products that deliver results, while ensuring a delightful user experience. We have the right people,
relevant experience, and a proven process to deliver great digital products faster.

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Happy clients

Deep and solid knowledge of the aspects of interaction design, and delivers with excellent quality and attention to detail.

— Christian Manholt (Art Director & Partner at Puzzlepart)

Very good eye for details and is very easy to work with which is important when we live in different countries most of the time. I would recommend them to anyone!

— Sofia Englund (Entrepreneur, Marketing & Sales on Travelresearch)

Adapted for Startups

At Amplifyn we understand and respect the startup space.
We are adept at working together with startups to do great things!

Off Shore Resources

We can take away the hassle of finding great people to bring your ideas to life. Cut down your costs, and reduce the overheads of HR and related processes, by partnering with us.

Manage Products

Have a great idea, but don't know how to proceed? We will step in to guide and help, by defining a plan and a process to help you take your product to market.

Easy Payment Schemes

Want to hire a dev team, but the costs are astronomical? Hey, we get it, finances can be tough at the startup phase. Talk to us, and we will help you find a solution that works both technically, and financially.

Develop for Equity

If you have a great idea, why not take the next step? Talk to us! If we love your idea, we would love to take that journey with you!

Tools & Technologies

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We offer 10 hours of free consultancy.