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- User research

- UX design

Bedrekommune measures perceived quality of life through user, resident and employee surveys to generate personalized reports. This information is utilised by public sector entities across Norway to measure and improve service quality of public sector. Amplifyn UX designers collaborated with Bedrekommune to create a user friendly low-code platform for creating surveys, workflows and custom reporting. With our expertise in UX design, we made a the platform easy to use for people from all walks of life.

Design system and illustrations

Throughout the user interface design of the low-code platform we used a consistent styling. We achieved this by a custom made design system which sets the foundation for user interface design consistency. Inorder to offer a pleasant user experience for user we also introduced a custom illustration style with made using the Bedrekommune platform enjoyable experience.


Following the collaboration with Amplifyn's UX designers, Bedrekommune experienced a notable transformation in the performance and user experience of their low-code platform. The refinements made to the tool yielded substantial improvements, positively impacting both usability and functionality.

  • 65% enhancement in data accuracy and reliability
  • Streamlined survey and workflow creation
  • Accessibility across diverse users
  • 4x Increased user satisfaction of platform users

“ We have used Amplifyn to enhance UX and UI for a large-scale enterprise software project, and are very satisfied with the results. We find the people from Amplifyn to be skilled, dedicated, flexible, hardworking and were quick to understand rather complex domain knowledge. I give my best recommendations. ”

Klara Vatten

Product Manager

Kommuneforlaget AS

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