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​​"Amplifyn was very structured in the way they initiated and conducted the project, and clear in the communication  which made everything run smoothly. Amplifyn was able to deliver a lot in the short time we had, and we’re very satisfied with the results."

Madu Ratnayake

Co-founder & Chairman


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Magnus Olafsson

Senior partner

Credit committee

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​​"We are now able to demonstrate to our students, parents, and the public that we are committed to providing high-quality support services. This has helped us to attract more students, and it has also boosted our ratings as compared to other educational institutions."

Dr. Ingrid Sigurdsdotter


APAC board

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Alexander Felber

Chief Executive Officer

Vetera GmbH

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​​"I really enjoy working with Amplifyn. The UX-designers are professional, listen to our needs and have excellent skills. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a wow-factor in their service design."

Klara Vatten

Senior Product Manager

Kommuneforlaget AS

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Ida Sandvik Lien

Chief Innovation Officer

Compose Software AS

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Upul Weerasinghe

Head of Delivery

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