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Designers Share Expert Tips for International Design Day!

Shushmitha Thambiraj

April 27, 2023

Designers play a crucial role in shaping the world around us, making it more beautiful, functional, and user-friendly. International Design Day, celebrated annually on April 27th, recognizes and promotes the power of design as a tool for innovation, sustainability, and social impact. To honour this day, we asked some of our designers to share their valuable advice on how to succeed in this exciting and challenging field. Here are their insights:

Janindu Ranawaka: “Be a Problem Solver!”

To be a successful experience designer, you need to have a love and talent for solving problems. Design is not just about making things pretty; it's about making them work better for people. So, ask yourself this question: Do you have the fire within you to be a designer no matter what? If the answer is yes, then you're on the right track.

Buddhi Kaushlaya: “Be Passionate!”

Passion makes the path easier. To become a successful designer, you need to develop your design skills through practice and learning from mentors, courses, and good design work. Build a portfolio that showcases your best work and network with other designers to learn from them and get feedback. Be persistent, have grit, and never stop learning.

Kajathees Premendran: “Accept Failure and Criticism with a Smile!”

Passion is key, but it's not enough. Design is a collaborative process that involves feedback, iteration, and constant improvement. Learn to accept criticism and use it to grow. Embrace mistakes and use them to your advantage. Don't hesitate to ask for help - it can accelerate your progress towards your goals.

Pavith Kumar: “Prioritize Your Mental Health!”

Your mental health is crucial to your success as a designer. Design can be a stressful and demanding field that requires long hours of concentration, creativity, and problem-solving. Therefore, prioritize your well-being, avoid undue pressure, and let creativity flow naturally. Invest in self-learning to enhance your skills, but don't forget to take breaks, exercise, and have fun.

Bavan Srikandabala: “Everything is a Source of Inspiration!”

Observe, listen and inspire what's around you. Never let the hunger in you to get worn off, it's that hunger that makes you push yourself off your limits. Being designers you should never fear failures. No one is perfect in everyone's eyes, it's the willingness to make mistakes that allows you to innovate and improve. Importantly love what you do from the bottom of your heart and that will reflect in your work. The world needs your creativity, so go out there and make your mark as a designer!


In conclusion, becoming a successful designer requires a combination of passion, creativity, collaboration, resilience, and empathy. By following these design advices from experienced designers, you can develop your skills, overcome challenges, and make a positive impact on the world through design. Happy International Design Day!