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Petleo is an ecosystem built for pet lovers. The motive behind the application is to have one platform to connect all who take care of their pets, as we call “Pet Parents”.

Team Petleo was trying to solve the problem of the growing needs and expectations of the pet care industry. The current pet care industry is falling behind in digitalising. With Petleo in the market will bring pet owners, pet businesses, insurances, veterinary clinics, and pet-related service providers together in one single platform.

The challenge

We had the task of making the dusty, outdated app to a whole new level with improved user experience and a state-of-the-art look & feel. Their mass audience needed something they could put their pets’ life details and be a helping hand in taking care of the pets quickly. The user base needed crowd-funded features to protect their pets from potential dangers in the surroundings.


Research-driven approach

We followed through every footstep a user takes inside the current solution with the help of user flows and journeys they take when using the application. Understanding the right problem is always the key to providing the right experience for the users. For this, we used steps in the design thinking process to understand the user’s pains.

Stages of research
Redesign comparison

Transformation from the old app

The Fastest way to find the correct solutions is always being lean and approaching a solution with minimum time spent. There will be a lot of tools and processes waiting to be used when it comes to the “solutions department”. But we used the power of wireframing to identify the correct solution fast as possible.

Seamless user onboarding

Based on our previous experience we put lot of focus on user onboarding since that is the first point of user contact. In this design we made a contextual chat-like experience combining our character illustrations to immediately appeal friendly to the pet owners.

Onboarding userflow

Appointments in 4 steps!

With the large number of vet partners and clinics in the network we wanted to make the appointment booking experience a breeze. We combined health records and sent user reminders and made the appointments something users can complete in just 4 steps.

Book appointment

Locating and sharing toxic baits

The app helps pet owners to locate toxic baits so that they can protect their pet when taking outdoor. Pet owner can also share locations of toxic baits which makes him a part of a bigger community who wants to protect their pets.

Report toxic baits

Keep track of the medical history

With the entire medical history of the pets, it was fairly easy to remind about upcoming treatments. We also made it super easy to manually add heath entries and made the electronic health record fairly comprehensive and usable.

Medical history

Telemedicine at your service

Telemedicine is on the rise and we introduced telemedicine as a new feature to pet owners. With comprehensive health data we were able to alert the user when doctors are available and what conditions should you channel for. Tap join and you are with a Veterinarian in seconds.

Telemedicine service

Building a clear yet playful new visual language

We carefully selected branding elements such as typography, colour palette to build a friendly and accessible visual language. Soft colours and rounded edges on design elements are helpful to build pleasing interfaces for the users eyes.

Colour & logo

PetLeo design system

Playful visual language heled the designers to create engagings user interface components. These compoents were designed in hamony to create a resuable componets set to ensure consistency across the platform. And the PetLeo design system came to life.

Design system components

Playfully crafted custom illustrations pack

Designed to evoke the feeling of care and happeniess which is one of the main traits of a pet owner. Illustrations were used to complimnt the user interface and designed to follow a steamlined look and feel. This contribunted towaards positioning the company as a caring companiion than just an app.

Custom illustrations


Over a period of 12 weeks we worked worked closely with the client and end users to align features with business model, which led to inreased enbagament, more referals for new user signups and new partners on-boarded.


users gave 5 star rating on the app


users registered on the mobile app


Increase in-app user engagement


increase in monthly revenue with new users

Amplifyn helped us build on the vision that we had for this app, but they also challenged us to be open to new transformative ways of presenting this strategic content. They were a trusted advisor and true partner—fighting the good fight when needed, but always making sure we met our goals and objectives.

Karim Abdo

Managing Director & Co-founder - PetLEO

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