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Scybers is a cybersecurity consulting and managed services provider for SMEs and Enterprises across the globe. With their deep expertise, industry-leading partners, and proven cybersecurity strategies, they help our clients secure their digital businesses with confidence.

A global cybersecurity consulting and managed services company. Scybers is 100% focused on cybersecurity.

The challenge

While their founders were well known the brand Scybers was new to the cyber security market. During our research, we understood the need for a unique yet strong identity system that can boost confidence. It was also evident that the new brand should put security at the forefront as the company was planning on making some bold moves with new business expansions plans.

So our challenge was to develop a brand identity that can bring focus and set the right tone for the company to start its sales and marketing activities.


Identifying the brand personality

A brand that speaks for itself is what we were after. So we wanted to define the brand tone and voice. In order to understand this, we conducted a workshop together with the client team and created a brand values canvas. By doing this exercise we were able to define the exact elements that needed to be associated as well as what to avoid when developing a new brand identity.

This is a critical step in getting the entire team along with the client to set focus and establish a shared understanding of what we are after.

We started by creating a brand value canvas to understand the voice and the tone of the brand.

Logo concept exploration

Once we were clear on the brand personality we started exploring logo options. We created multiple options wherein each concept we were highlighting the critical brand elements we identified in the brand values canvas.

Various logos concepts were created to explore potential candidates that best highlights brand values.

Logo Construction

After evaluating the options we settled on "being proactive" is the best thing a cyber security consulting can do. Hence we selected the "compass" which signifies the guiding directions across a rather complex journey of the cyber security landscape. The client team was immediately bought into the idea and validated exactly what they stand for.

A custom typeface was created along with the compass sign embedded to highlight the proactive nature of Scybers.

Final Logo and Colour Usage

Once the custom logotype was constructed the logo was finalised with fine details. And we also made sure the logo is working swiftly in various backgrounds to ensure its dynamic usage across multiple mediums.

Final logo with fine details based on the selected logo concept.

Crafting comprehensive brand guidelines

Once we were clear on the details we created a comprehensive brand guidelines document that outlined all the directions on how to use the logo, colours, and brand patterns maintaining consistency across any medium and artwork.

Brand guidelines along with fonts and colours guide.
Brand pattern options to be used for digital and print.
Alternative brand pattern options to be used as decorative elements.

Brand collateral and their usage

When we established the brand guidelines we created various forms of artwork and brand collateral based on the client's needs which were in production quality. These brand collateral were used across the brand campaigns of the client marketing activities.

Scybers t-shirt design.
Scybers branded water bottles.
The complete printed material pack of Scybers.
Scybers goodies.
Assets for digital and social media campaigns.
Printed medium assets for marketing activities.


Over a period of 8 weeks, we worked closely with the client team to establish a strong brand vision and values, By converting it to a visual representation of the brand helped Scybers to establish itself as a market leader in the cyber security consulting space. The results spoke for the success of our collective efforts.


of customers gave 5 star rating on visual upgrade


Potential customers rated new brand to stand out


Unique views across all mediums in first 5 weeks


Engagement across social media channels

Amplifyn helped us build on the vision that we had for this app, but they also challenged us to be open to new transformative ways of presenting this strategic content. They were a trusted advisor and true partner—fighting the good fight when needed, but always making sure we met our goals and objectives.

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