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After a successful branding, we were tasked with designing a fresh web presence for Scybers. The main goals were to establish a web presence, grow brand awareness, and generate sales leads.

The challenge

Cyber security consulting landscape is a fairly crowded space which some large players as well as small to medium consulting practices. Our challenge was to cut through the noise and reach the business leader who wants to feel confident about their IT infrastructure.
In order to do this, we wanted to create a story that creates the curiosity and interest of business leaders in contacting Scybers.


From a visitor to a potential customer

To understand the user journey from being a visitor to making contact we wanted to craft a seamless experience. In order to understand what this journey would look like we started by creating a sitemap after a design thinking workshop with the client team.

Sitemap was created with highly targeted information elements to craft a seamless experience to generate leads.

Page structures and wireframes

Based on the information elements the structure for all web pages was created in the form of wireframes. This helped the client to envision the user journey and validate early by testing with the potential customers.

The testing feedback was incorporated to further enhance the information flow leading to a conversion.

Wireframes for all pages are created to refine the information structure.

Style guide

The website style guide was created to maintain consistency across all page designs. The style guide was crafted in line with the brand guide and accessibility in mind to ensure a pleasing web experience.

Website style guide colours for Scybers.
Typography scales and typestyles are defined in the style guide.
Reusable web components were created as per the defined styles to support both web and mobile.

Main Components

Important information blocks that drive conversion are carefully crafted using the style guide. These components are then used to construct web pages to ensure a consistent look and feel thought all the pages on the website. By creating these reusable information components we were able to reduce both design and development time to a great extent.

Reusable information components to drive conversion with a consistent look and feel.

Conversion optimised web pages

All web pages we specially crafted to drive brand awareness and establish confidence in the user, ultimately leading to the conversion via hooks that gets users to contact. The page design was tested with the potential users and refined to optimise this process.

Furthermore, all page pages were developed using Webflow CMS which directly connects with the CRM to handle all incoming requests.

Pages crafted with conversion focused structure and flow.
All pages are designed with a consistent look and feel as per the brand guidelines.

Custom icons and illustration styles

In order to maintain the visual cues of Scybers brand, we crafted a custom icon system and an illustration style which was used thought the website and social media artworks to supplement the marketing and sales campaigns.

Flat icon system for Scybers.
Custom Illustration style for artworks.


Both the client team and our people equality contributed with a shared vision to make a conversation optimised web experience for Scybers, that drive sales. Results that validated our efforts were highly effective.


Clickthrough rate on all call to actions

9/ 10

users gave 5 star rating on user experience


white paper downloads in first 4 weeks

$ 4.6mil

worth of SQLs generated in first 4 weeks

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Asitha Kobbekaduwa

Lead UX Consultant

Amplifyn helped us build on the vision that we had for this app, but they also challenged us to be open to new transformative ways of presenting this strategic content. They were a trusted advisor and true partner—fighting the good fight when needed, but always making sure we met our goals and objectives.

Karim Abdo

Founder of PetLeo