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Vetstoria, creates a veterinarian platform to transform the way vets allow pet owners to book appointments. As one of the fastest growing tech companies in the industry, their presence is felt in over 3,000 clinics in 15 countries in the US, UK, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Amplifyn worked with Vetstoria to give a brand new identity system that is dynamic and agile to support the vision of the company to become the leading software provider in the veterinary industry.

The challenge

Vetstoria already had an identity that was outdated and was a weak appeal to the modern customers they were aiming to target. As a result, they were failing to achieve the traction they wanted to reach into new markets to expand their operations. So Vetstoria wanted a fresh identity that resonates with millennial pet owners who are looking for ways to consult a veterinarian online. The challenge was to breath life to a brand that was struggling to make it's mark.


From concepts, sketches to life

After a branding workshop with the client, we created a brand values canvas along with a mood board where we defined the brand personality. Once this was done we were able to set a clear vision for a new identity system. Then our designers started sketching logo concepts which were iterated over multiple rounds of revisions based on the feedback of the existing users of the application as well as the client.

Sketching of logo options.
High fidelity sketching of logo concepts.

Logo Construction

The selected logo was constructed to the golden ratio to enhance the visual appeal. The fine details were intentionally crafted to bring the fresh feeling of the identity which was a main wow factor that we identified among the millennial pet owners.

Fine details of the logo was crafted with refined shapes.
Full logo of with a breath of fresh air.
Logo tested for light / dark backgrounds.
Logo tested for mono tone usage.
Vetstoria color palette.

Color Palette

The Primary colors are Electric Purple, Cyan Blue and Deep Blue. These colors can be used for backgrounds or to pick out key text in a light or dark layout.

The Deep Blue color should be used to create contrast and to highlight important information. Please try to avoid layouts and documents looking multi-coloured.

The Secondary colors are used to give the brand energyand vibrancy.

For examples, pull out captions, Infographics and illustrations.


Vetstoria’s brand font is distinct and approachable. We’ve used this typography to be bolder and have more personality with the geometric Basis Grotesque Pro font. It’s full letter forms give it a strong presence, but it’s roundness keeps it open and accessible. It is to be used across all brand materials including print and digital.

Vetstoria brand typography.
Crafting the brand patterns with meaning.
Alternative brand patterns of Vetstoria.

Natural Multiplication

Brand patterns of Vetstoria are designed to complement the main information elements when they were used in digital and printed artworks. The branding patterns establish a consistent look and feel for the brand that is unique and playful.

The fresh and modern feel of the brand was maintained by carefully applying these patterns throughout the brand collateral designs.

Guidelines were given on how these patterns can be used by other designers when creating new artworks.

Brand patterns and their guidelines.

Vetstoria Identity System

Once the foundation of the new identity system was established a comprehensive brand guidelines document was published. Then we created various forms of digital and print collateral which includes web applications, website designs, social media assets, and printed brand materials with ease.

Various forms of digital and print collateral were design for Vetstoria.

Playfully Crafted Custom Icon Pack

To complement the new identity system we also created a custom icon design which gave flexibility for designers to create new artwork and UI designs faster, without compromising on the Vetstoria brand.

Custom icon system design for Vetstoria.

Brand Assets for Everyone

A comprehensive collection of brand assets was designed to help the client establish the new identity across all channels. These assets were distributed among employees, customers, users, and partners as they launch the new identity.

Vetstoria t-shirt design.
Vetstoria branded coffee mug.
Complete stationary kit for official usage.
Printed material and e-books and white papers.
Branded goodies.


Our team worked closely with Vetstoria to give a much-needed refresh for their brand to appeal to millennial pet owners. With the comprehensive assets, we designed to establish the new brand identity Vetstoria received delightful comments from its users and partners.


of users gave 5 star rating on visual upgrade


views on first week of new identity launch


increase in new user signups within first 4 weeks


new veterinary clinics joined platform in 4 weeks

Amplifyn was able to understand our market and customers to create a brand that everyone loves! We are very thankful and looking forward to working on longer term with Amplifyn.

Yoeri Callebaut

Global Director of Marketing - Vetstoria

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