Omnichannel customer experience platform for the finance sector.






Omnichannel Workflow Platform


Concept and Product Design

Milestones & Accolades


Ideation workshop

Conducted an ideation workshop with thought leaders in the banking industry.


Enterprise onboarding

The solution was implemented for a loan origination process.


LinearSix was founded by a group of professionals with vast experience in the financial service sector. Their goal is to assist banks in digitising and transforming their business operations.

They believe that by adapting and integrating next-gen technologies such as machine learning, natural language programming, big data, cloud etc. will make banks perform their operations better and through this they could delight their customers, increase employee productivity, faster turnaround times and use data in a smarter way.


The LinearSix team identified a challenge which was common among banks when it comes to offering a better customer experience. Customers had to navigate through multiple systems in order to full-fill their banking needs. Banks were failing to keep up with modern consumer needs due to various limitations of their existing systems. 

Banks use systems which were built on legacy technology that are often disconnected. Hence, we had to come up with a solution where multiple systems could be integrated to deliver a modern user experience. 

Our Approach

Product Research

At the earliest stage of discussion the poor experience was clearly stated but we needed to find the underlying reason for it. So we decided to conduct a problem framing workshops which lasted for several weeks where we had several discussion sessions with multiple stakeholders.

Ideation & Design

We explored multiple solutions through ideation workshops, evaluated their feasibility, and drafted a concept in the ideation phase. A clickable prototype of the ideal solution was developed. This was refined with multiple rounds of feedback gathered from various stakeholders. 

Product Delivery

We worked with the engineering team to implement the solution with the flexibility to integrate with multiple banking systems, that provided configurability to multiple use cases. This enabled us to deliver the expected user experience to modern banking customers. 

Tools & Technologies

The impact

Lime provides a modern customer experience platform that helps the finance sector, offers a seamless user experience to banks in order to attract and retain their customer-base. 

Omnichannel Experience

Customers could access banking services from any device without bank visits.

Pioneering FinTech

A new-age application that drives growth among numerous legacy applications.

Core Improvements

A seamless transition was enabled between core banking functions.

Enterprise Implementation

Acquired first enterprise client within the first 3 months of platform launch.

Bringing consultants from Amplifyn was a huge leap forward for our project “Lime”. They were quick to understand the FinTech domain and designed a superior user experience within a short span of time, which helped us secure projects with leading banks. Together, we keep innovating and the feature outcomes are getting increased attention from banks and FinTechs.

Mario Gooneratne

Director - LinearSix

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