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Project Initiation

In May, 2020 Vetera teamed up with Amplifyn to revamp their website as part of their platform modernisation initiative


Brand new identity

In August, 2020 a total rewamp was done along with the new website which set the company apart


Vetera has been the provider of practice software in veterinary medicine since the early 1980s. Vetera, as the name suggests are veterans in the Veterinary MedTech field, playing a crucial role in the industry for 40+ years. 18000 veterinarians have been using their product. It is indeed one of the most comprehensive software for any veterinary practice, veterinary clinic, or university helping one digitise practice management. 
The CEO of Vetera, Alexander Felber reached out to us to revamp their branding and launch a new website to align with their grand vision of modernisation of the whole platform.


The problem we had to solve was to modernise an existing website which had an outdated look and poor in SEO. The client realised a more up to date website with an intriguing user experience would be a game changer for their business. So we had to understand the essence of a modern brand which can compete and win the trust of modern veterinary community.

Our Approach

Discovery & Ideation

We initiated the project with user research along with solid competitor analysis. We then moved on to creating a simple page structure. By defining their site map based on the research conducted, we created a set of wireframes and pitched the concept designs that were finalised.


Based on our findings from the ideation phase, we started the visual design process. A design system was developed for the site with a set of illustrations and icons to ensure consistency throughout the entire branding exercise in order to future-proof further development.


The re-branding and modernisation of Vetera helped improve sales as the reach of their website grew over time. Vetera was able to attract the new age of users in the veterinary community along with visibility for future expansion. This set the brand apart from the competition.

Tools & Technologies

The impact

A whole new website that accelerated performance in terms of reach and delivering a consistent brand image for the company.

Improved Aesthetics

A new and improved look sets the website apart from the competition.

Improved Branding

The website was made consistent with the company's branding.


An SEO-friendly design ensures a steady increase in organic traffic.

Rapid Growth

Growth in visits and ultimately customer acquisition was achieved in months.

We highly appreciate the courtesy and the commitment the team from Amplifyn brings into their daily work and effort. Right from the start we had experienced the convenience of the on-the-spot attention and contribution from the various team members. The trust has been built up via numerous calls and some first small pilot-projects mainly taken care by the CEO of Amplifyn himself.

Alexander Felber

CEO - Vetera GmbH

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