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Dynamic time slot and yard management system


Transportation, Logistics and Storage


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Machine Learning


Supply Chain Management

Milestones & Accolades



founded the startup Byways, with a vision to improve the functioning of supply chains.


Beta release

Byways released their beta version. This release included many new features and was more stable.


Seed Funding

Byways raised an undisclosed amount / Seed from Entrepreneur First and 3 other investors


Co-founders Alexander Palffy & Simon Jordan aspire to modernize logistics through artificial intelligence/ machine learning, which could simplify planning and increase accuracy. Byways is a digital system for managing the loading and unloading process between trucks and logistics hubs. Byways leverage technology for every step of the process which makes it easier for warehouse planners, dispatchers, and drivers. This is a boost to the overall efficiency of the logistics system. A number of seed investors have provided exceptional backing in the first round of funding. 


The Alpha version of the application was primarily feature-driven with less focus on the user experience aspects. However, Byways soon realised the need to improve user experience with a fresh visual overhaul. This was paramount to acquiring new clients and making a strong business case for their next round of funding. Byways had an extensive network of warehouses across Europe and around the world. Understanding their domain, their workflow, and providing design solutions for a fast-paced environment could be considered the greatest challenges of the project. 

Our Approach

Discovery & Ideation

The Imperative discovery and ideation phase was kicked off with extensive stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, and a UI audit. The findings helped create service blueprints for the products and services. Pain points and shortcomings from a user experience standpoint were identified. 

UI/UX upgrade

User journeys were simplified and critical problems were swiftly resolved. A design system was developed and interfaces were redesigned accordingly. Consistency was maintained throughout the product resulting in an engaging and refreshing visual update for the application. 

New features

Prototypes were developed with new features that revolutionise the application, these features are being tested in live environments and has resulted in enhanced automation through the power of AI. Byways is quickly proving to become one of the market leaders in logistics automation. 

Tools & Technologies

The impact

The fresh look and user-friendly interfaces received good feedback from users and stakeholders alike. Many new clients were interested in the new features added to the product and they want more.

Improved Feedback

90% of customers gave 5 star rating on visual upgrade

Beta Released

A more stable application free of bugs and a host of new brand-new features was released.

Funding Acquired

Byways acquired much-needed funding from investors that met and beat initial targets.

Rapid Growth

A visual overhaul andindustry-leading features lead to exponential growth in user acquisition.

They were quick to understand our product and after a very short period of time they already significantly improved the user experience and design. Amplifyn team was friendly from the start and bonded well with the rest of our team here in Berlin.

Dr. Simon Jordan

Co-Founder & CTO - byways

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