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Milestones & Accolades


Discovery Workshop

Conducted a workshop aiming to boost e-commerce revenue by 40% over the next 3 years


New E-commerce experience

Achieved an increase in YOY revenue by over 25%


With over 70 years’ experience in the country, nobody has more in-depth knowledge of providing safety equipment, engineering, workwear, hygiene and packaging than Argo Express.

They facilitate convenient online purchases of safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) with the best range and deals.


Argo Express had an outdated e-commerce website which resulted in high exit rates and poor engagement. As a result, the site wasn’t SEO-friendly which resulted in limited reach and user acquisition. 

The main challenge was to build an application with an experience that helped the company stand out. Stiff competition in the market meant that user experience was a key differentiator to drive sales on the e-commerce platform.

Our Approach

Website UX Audit

A thorough UX audit was conducted using tried-and-tested methods in order to identify and resolve user pain points. Findings indicated that the online purchasing experience contained too many steps.


Research was conducted based on publications from Nielson Norman Group & the Baymard Institute which has over 78,000+ Hours of UX Research. These insights underpinned our e-commerce strategy.

UX Design

Once improvements were identified, they were implemented to achieve a seamless e-commerce experience. This simplified the purchasing journey for users and significantly improved engagement.

Tools & Technologies

The impact

A significant improvement in terms of revenue generation was achieved through a seamless e-commerce experience within a span of six months. A solid foundation was laid for future enhancement of the Argo Express e-commerce platform.

Purchasing Experience

The purchasing experience was improved with fewer steps for checkout.

Find Products Easily

A highly organized structure helped users find products easily on the product.

Search Engine Optimised

The web app was delivered with inbuilt SEO functionality.

Rapid Growth

A happy user-base with high satisfaction and customer retention rates.

Our e-commerce platform was struggling with unsatisfactory results until we began collaborating with Amplifyn. The team was quick to identify the shortcomings and emphasised on making the purchasing journey simple and straightforward. The collaboration between the Agro express and Amplifyn was hassle-free, the end result was an increase in users and ultimately increased revenue. 

Lisa T. Kendrick

Product Owner - Argo Express

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