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Milestones & Accolades


Design research

Conducted desk research to identify the shortcomings of systems in the recruitment market.


MVP launch

An accelerated development workflow was utilised to deliver an MVP within 12 weeks.


Labour Hub was born with a skilled team who all shared the same goal of revolutionising how they did recruited. Initially it started as a simple rostering system and was shared with other recruitment agencies which opened up the opportunity to expand the potential of the software further. 

They wanted to create a more powerful recruitment platform which helps people with passion for recruitment to succeed in the recruitment industry. The platform was offered as a SaaS product to reduce initial investment and increase efficiency. 


The Amplifyn team had the challenge of identifying the scope of the MVP to provide a seamless recruitment experience within a short period.

The complexity of recruitment process had to be simplified while maintaining the flexibility to customise the recruitment workflow for each recruitment agency.
Given the stiff competition in the recruitment market, the product experience had to be a key differentiator to stand out.

Our Approach

Desk Research

The Labour Hub team wanted to launch an MVP quickly, therefore, we had to find a way to work fast. With limited time for research, we decided to conduct competitor desk research. With this approach we managed to define the UX flows. 

Ideate and Prototype

Based on the findings of the desk research and considering client requirements the design team produced visual screens. We then built a high-fidelity prototype to provide a better understanding, look, and feel of the final product and obtain early feedback.

MVP Launch

We worked with the development team and stakeholders to enable rapid delivery of the MVP that covered the entire scope. Within six weeks we were able to deliver a product that users loved and set up a platform for future improvement. 

Tools & Technologies

The impact

The end-result was a product that was ahead of its competition and was received well by the recruitment industry. 

Seamless Transition

The new experience enabled a seamless transition from the old system without the need for user training.

Simplified Process

The new experience was far simpler and reduced the complexity of the recruitment & payroll process. 

New User Acquisition

Complex modules were designed and organised in a way that enables quick user onboarding.

Faster time-to-market

Rapid delivery of the MVP enabled accelerated time-to-market and an increase in sales demos.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Amplifyn team for delivering an improved experience and MVP within such short notice. Remote collaboration and the support we received was amazing. I would recommend Amplifyn to anyone who is looking for tangible results through an improved user experience.

Glen Miller

Co-Founder - Labour Hub

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